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Thousand of people visit Rishikesh in search of religious, cultural, Ayurvedic and yoga knowledge since the ancient time and the flow has increased tremendously these days and the main reasons is the connectivity convenience & increase in facilities and options for travelers. But now Rishikesh is also very famous among adventure seekers and the main reasons is White Water Rafting on river Ganges which thrills everyone no matter how strong you are. In this article we will now different river rafting stretches in Rishikesh, Who can do river rafting in Rishikesh and What safety measures to take while doing River rafting in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh Sightseeing
Rishikesh City


How  to reach Rishikesh

  • Nearest Airport for Rishikesh is Jolley Grant Airport Dehradun (CODE : DED) which is 15 KM i.e an half an hour drive for main Rishikesh City. One can Hire Taxi from Taxi stand from Jolly Grant Airport for Rishikesh. Contact for Taxi Services @09718187689 / 08860976789
  • Nearest Railway Station for Rishikesh is Haridwar Junction Railyway Station      (Station Code : HW) which is 25KM i.e an hour drive for main Rishikesh City.  From Haridwar station one can Hire Taxis , Local Buses and Tuk Tuk Tempo to reach Rishikesh, all these are easily available from Haridwar Railway Stations. Contact for Taxi Services @09718187689 / 08860976789
  • By Road Rishikesh is very well connected on NH 58 via Delhi – Meerut – Roorkie – Haridwar – Rishikesh. Distance from different cities of Rishikesh
    Delhi to Rishikesh Distance : 225 KM : 06 Hour Drive
    Chandigarh to Rishikesh Distance : 215 KM : 06 Hour Drive
    Jaipur to Rishikesh Distance : 485 KM : 10 Hour Drive
    Lucknow to Rishikesh Distance : 525 KM : 12 Hour DriveWhere to Reach for River Rafting in Rishikesh – Rishikesh River Rafting Booking Offices
    Rishikesh is a Hub of River rafting operators and there are almost 700 different rafting operators booking offices in entire Rishikesh therefore its not the big deal to Book a rafting in Rishikesh. Best locations from where one can have to book river rafting in rishikesh are as follows:
    (1). Tapovan , Rishikesh : 05 Km from Rishikesh bus stand Tapovan is considered as the best location to book river rafting in rishikesh as here one can easily park there vehicles and leave for rafting start point on the operators vehicles. But in season due to heavy traffics and over crowed tourist things might change here and you might waste huge time in traffic only.
    (2). Laxman Jhulla Bridge, On Neelkhanth Road :  This location is best for those travelers who are coming in there own vehicle and not relying on public transportation as there is no such public transportation available in this area.  If you book rafting from Laxman jhulla area you will not waste time in traffic and also it is easier to reach from rafting end points to the offices.
    (3). Garudchatti Bridge on Neelkhanth Road : Again good for those who are coming with there own conveyance although the location is approx 10km from rishikesh bus stand.  Location is awesome complete river ganga view and best thing is that you will never get traffic issues from this particular point.
    (4). Kharasut Rishikesh : This location is best suites to travelers using public transport from metro cities as it is just 1.5 KM from Rishikesh bus stand and easily accessible by local transports
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Different Stretches of River Rafting Available in Rishikesh | Rishikesh River Rafting Starting Points

Rishikesh Rafting Packages
Rishikesh River Rafting
  • River Rafting from Brahmpuri Point :  This Stretch is smallest in terms of distance and rapids covered while on raft. Total distance covered in Brahmpuri river rafting is 08-09 Km and there 02 minor rapids of Grade I covered in this stretch of rafting. Highly recommended for beginners as by doing this one can learn how to manage balance on rapids , how to paddle when the guide commands & get to know if he/she has any phobia or not to white water rafting.  You can experience 02 minor grade I rapids which are Double Trouble & Club House in this stretch and also enjoy Maggie & tea at Cliff Jump point and body surfing while rafting.
    Distance Covered : 08-09 KM approx
    Price Range for Brahmpuri Rafting Rs.400/- Rafting Fee  + Rs.50/- Govt Fee
    Age Limits : Between 12 yrs to 55 yrs ( Subject to Health Conditions)
    Weight Criteria : Between 30 KG to 90 KG. ( Below & Above not allowed)
    Time Taken : 01 Hour Maximum
    Best Time to do Rafting  : 25th September to 30th June (Subject to Weather Conditions)

    Rishikesh Rafting packages
    Fun on Beach at River Rafting Point
  • River Rafting from Shivpuri Point : One of the most popular river rafting stretch of Rishikesh is from Shivpuri rafting point. You can experience Grade II & Grade III rapids adventure with astonishing scenic beauty of rishikesh valley on raft. This stretch cover 04 major rapids which are Golf Course Rapid, Return to the Centre Rapid, Roller Coaster Rapid and Double Trouble rapid. In this stretch one enjoy  good thrilling rapids with Cliff Jump & body surfing fun.
    Distance Covered : 16 KM approx
    Prices for Shivpuri Rafting : Rs.600/- Rafting Fee + Rs.50/- Govt Fee
    Age Limits : Above 15 Years to 55 Years (Subject to Health Conditions)
    Weight Criteria : Between 35 KG to 90KG
    Time Taken : 02 Hours to 02:30 Hours
    Best Time to do Shivpuri Rafting : 25th September to 30th June.

    Rafting from Marine Drive
    Golf Course Rapid Phoolchatti
  • River Rafting from Marive Drive : This particular rafting stretch from Marine Drive is quit lengthy and consume lots of time and energy. But once you are on the raft you don’t need to watch time just make yourself ready for some extreme adventure experience on river Ganga.  Rafting from Marine Drive to Rishikesh covers Grade I, Grade II & Grade III level rapids, adding to three more major rapids on Shivpuri Rafting which are Three Blind Mice, Cross Fire  & Sweet Sixteen rapids.
    Distance Covered : 24 KM approx
    Prices for Marine Drive Rafting : Rs.1000/- Rafting Fee + Rs.50 govt fee
    Age Limit : Above 18 Years to 50 Years ( Subject to health conditions )
    Weight Criteria : Between 45 KG to 85 KG
    Time Taken : 04 Hours to 04:30 Hours
    Best time to do Marine Drive Rafting : 15th Oct to 25th June ( Subject to Weather Conditions)

    marine drive rafting packages
    white water rafting in rishikesh
  • River Rafting from Kaudiyala : One of the most toughest stretch of river rafting in rishikesh starts from Kaudiyala and ends in Rishikesh. This stretch is has One of the  most dangerous rapid by the name ” The Great Wall ” and strictly not recommended to beginners and non swimmers. This stretch is quite long and adds extra rapids like The Great Wall rapids, Denial Dip Rapid and Black money.
    Distance Covered : 34 KM approx
    Prices for Kaudiyala Rafting : Rs.2500/- Rafting Fee + Rs.50 govt fee + Rs.5000/- for Kayak with Raft
    Age Limit : Above 18 Years to 45 Years ( Subject to health conditions )
    Weight Criteria : Between 45 KG to 85 KG
    Time Taken : 06 Hours to 06:30 Hours
    Best time to do Kaudiyala Rafting : 15th Oct to 25th June ( Subject to Weather Conditions)

List of Rapids in Rishikesh Rafting – Major Rapids in Rishikesh River Rafting
1. The Great Wall Rapid
2. The Denial Dip Rapid
3. Sweet Sixteen Rapid
4. The Black Money Rapid
5. Three Blind Mice Rapid
6. The Cross Fire Rapid
7. Return to the Center Rapid
8. Roller Coaster Rapid
9. Golf Course Rapid
10. Club House Rapid
11. Double Trouble Rapid
12. Hilton & Terminator Rapid.

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